Rehabilitation After Ankle Sprain - Exercise Examples

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Although an ankle sprain is a common injury and many people would consider it of minor concern, without adequate care, it can result in chronic joint instability. That is why it is important that the early treatment of ankle sprains be followed by proper rehabilitation.

Many people who have had an ankle sprain injury still have symptoms even after going through the treatment. Most often this happens because of incomplete rehabilitation. If that is your case, you might find the exercises suggestions below useful. But before beginning any rehabilitation program, it is important to see a doctor and make sure that there is no more serious injury, such as a fracture, for example.

Even if rest is recommended after ankle sprain, prolonged immobilization is a treatment error. It is true that patients will feel better if placed in cast or a walking boot, but this can lead to delayed rehabilitation and a stiff ankle, which is prone to re-injury. The ligaments will heal with tissue that is of better quality and the appropriate length when ankle movement is initiated earlier. So, it is very important to do some specific types of exercise for the ligaments to heal properly.

RANGE OF MOTION EXERCISES can help maintain ankle motion and stretch the injured ligaments in the ankle joint. Some examples are:

  • Achilles stretches, which consist of pulling your toes toward your face using a towel looped around them, while seated or lying down. This will stretch the back of your ankle.
  • Alphabet writing consists of writing the alphabet in the air with your toes while seated or lying down.
STRENGTH EXERCISES will help you strengthen the muscles that surround the ankle joint. This way you will help support the ankle joint and prevent further injury. Examples:
  • Toe raises -lift your body by rising up on toes.
  • Heel and toe walking for one minute, 10 times, will help strengthen your muscles.
PROPRIOCEPTIVE TRAINING is important in order to stimulate the ability of your body to provide feedback to the brain. This ability can be damaged after ankle sprain, that is why it is important to do some exercise that helps regain balance and postural control.
  • Walk on various surfaces both in normal and heel-to-toe fashion.
  • Do exercises using the circular wobble board, rotating it using one leg and them both legs.
  • walking
  • jogging
  • forward, backward and pattern running should be done progressing slowly.
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A great trainer that can help you perform DIFFERENTIAL TRAINING, maintaining great fitness levels while recovering, is the GlideCycle, which allows you to run using only one leg and then gradually start using the injured one, without putting stress on your joints and ligaments.

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Rehabilitation After Ankle Sprain - Exercise Examples

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This article was published on 2010/03/30