Get To Know The Connection Between Ankle Weights And Basketball

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If you are a crazy fan of basketball, not watching the games but actally being in the game, you must have always wanted to jump higher in the air, dunking the ball and receiving wild cheer from your friends. There are things you can do to improve your jumping ability and get hold of as many baskets as you want.


The whole game of basketball revolves around throwing the ball in the basket, and if you are one of those very few people on the team who hardly ever miss, you will definitely feel great about it. One method that always helps in achieving those high jumps you have been dreaming about is to get hold of ankle weights.


Ankle weights are easily available at any store that sells anything close to sports. Thus, looking up for a pair won't be a problem. Once you have worn them, it is important to be careful with the speed with which you walk and move around. If this is not done, you may end up harming yourself and getting hurt.


The way these works are quite simple to understand. While you are wearing them, they make your feet feel heavy, as you have attached weight around them. Once you take them off, the pressure previously exerted is released and your ankles feel lighter than before.


During the time they are around your ankle, they do the job of strengthening the muscles, so that they are strong enough to support your high jump.


A lot of people try exercising while wearing these weights. They use this while jogging as this too helps in strengthening the leg muscles. This also helps in burning calories. Other exercises include jumping while wearing ankle weights to reach a bar up. You can also practice it on a basketball court, trying to jump and reach up the board.


At times, you may increase the weight on your ankles just to improve their ability even further. However, this may have an adverse effect, as you might end up damaging your knees which are not designed to support so much of excess weight.


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Get To Know The Connection Between Ankle Weights And Basketball

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This article was published on 2010/09/06